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Why a Doula?

Are you an expectant mother, seeking the support of a professional ‘doula’ during your pregnancy and childbirth?


As a doula, birth coach, I can offer you both physical and emotional support throughout your pregnancy and during the birth of your baby. I want you to have the most beautiful experience of your life.

You will be in control at all times; I will be there to support you in your wishes regarding the birth of your child.


The origin of 'doula'?

The word 'doula' is originally ancient Greek and meant in that language 'serving woman'. In the United States, the word has come into being in a new meaning. A doula can best be described as a maternity and delivery coach. It is an experienced and knowledgeable woman who supports upcoming parents in a non-medical manner during pregnancy, the birth of their child and during the period thereafter. She does not deviate from the woman's side during the whole childbirth. If you assist a girlfriend during her childbirth, you also act as a doula. A doula is not a doctor, nurse, obstetrician or maternity ward. As a doula you always work with one of them.


About me

I may start with with you during your pregnancy from the moment you ask me. I will be at your site during the whole period of your delivery as long I'm needed.

You decide what you need and I make it possible. I like to bring atmosphere, color and movement in my guidance. Trust in each other is an important condition, we make a start with a comprehensive introduction.

The births of my two sons are the most important experience in my life. I always wanted to become a midwife. Before I was certified officially as a doula, I supported 3 friends with their home birth. 

I am experienced with labor in hospital as a (paediatric) nurse. And gave courses to expectant parents.



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