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 Yolande Kusse

Wagendwarsstraat 22

3581WL Utrecht

Tel: 06 41909973​


What can I be for you ?

As a doula I will coach you during your pregnancy from the moment my help is wanted. During childbirth I will be there for you at all times, no matter how long it may take. You will be in control at all times; I will be there to support you in your wishes regarding the birth of your child. I will also see to it that you have everything you need. I want you to have the most beautiful experience of your life. A good feeling and a warm atmosphere are very important to me.

I would love to give you a massage before and after childbirth. I highly value this part of my doula support. Touching with care has a soothing effect, due to the production of the happiness hormone oxytocine, but it also leads to pure relaxation.


In order to be able to give you the right support I think that mutual trust is absolutely necessary. After getting to know each other we will decide together how to proceed. ​During your pregnancy we will meet at your place at least twice. We will discuss your preference for a home birth or a polyclinical one. Other subjects you may want to talk about: physical preparation - yoga, HypnoBirthing and/or prenatal fitness -, nutrition, birth plan, pain management, childbirth poses and birth rituals. Are you  thinking of a lotus birth or have you already decided what is to be done with the placenta. These, and more topics, can be dealt with.

In addition to my basic doula support I offer a short pregnancy course, extra massage,  supervised visit to the midwife or gynecologist, birth photography or even a complete birth account.

From at least two weeks before you are due I will be ‘on hold’. During that period I will be available for questions via mail, what’s app  and phone 24/7. I will also visit you at home.

After childbirth I will be available for postpartum support. I can nurse you and your baby during the first 24 hours before and/or after maternity care.

My network includes professionals in prenatal yoga, Hypno Birthing, foot reflexology,Reading & Healing, family constellations, nutritional advice and orthomolecular therapy.​

For me to create a climate of openness and understanding with your health care professionals during delivery is very important.  Especially so in case your birth wishes cannot be carried out and medical intervention  - an induction, epidural pain management or a ceasarian – is necessary. I am familiar with hospital procedures through my medical background, so that I can easily anticipate any change of plan.

birth rights and values, supported by science and research say that :

  • women should move and dance in labor

  • women deserve the ability to give birth with respect, be fully informed and involved in all decision making

  • allowing our own hormones to flow and peak in childbirth means natural pain reduction, and progress – kissing, touching, and loving will increase these hormones

  • having continuous support by a doula reduces rate of cesarean sections and interventions and increases satisfaction

  • gravity will help baby move into the pelvis for a more gentle birth

  • women need privacy, to feel safe, and to be undisturbed and unobserved during childbirth.

Benkung Belly Binding


After giving birth I can learn you how to bind your belly. This is called Benkung Belly Binding. 

Closing the bones ceremony


Closing the bones is a ceremony for mothers after giving birth.